UGBONMA INVESTMENT LIMITED was registered as private limited liability company on 9th March, 2005 to carry on in conjunction with each other or as separate and distinct undertakings, all or any of the following business: manufacturers, importers, exporters, e-commerce, agents, dealers (both wholesale and retail) in all articles of commercial, manufacturing, personal and household use and consumption and all kinds of raw materials: warehousemen; storage contractors, property developers investor, property managers to offer services of accountant, book-keeper or secretary, estate agents, insurance agents and brokers, financiers, financial agents, shipping and forwarding agents.

The company will also carry on any other business which, in the opinion of the company, maybe capable of being conveniently or profitably carried on in conjunction with or subsidiary to any other business of the company and is calculated to enhance the value of the company’s property or further its objects or any of them.

To carry on within and without the United Kingdom all or any of the business of exporters, importers, manufacturers, agent, brokers, General merchants and dealers, both wholesale and retail in all articles of commercial, manufacturing personal and household use and consumption.

To purchase, take on lease, hire pr otherwise acquire and hold for any estate or interest any land, buildings, easements, right, privileges, concession, patent right, licenses, secret process, machinery, plant stock-in-trade, and any real and personal property of any kind which may be necessary for, or maybe conveniently used with or may enhance the value of any other property of the company.

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